This place will contain many of the random thoughts which spew though my head, mostly when I sit in a train somewhere (which I do most of the time)

September 1, 2008

I've had this website for quite a long time now, mainly used it for storage for me and my fiancee. Just realized how empty my randomness page actually is. Off course this is something I have always reserved the right to do but regardless I suppose it's poper to actually put some stuff on this page for me to read at a later date (knowing full well that I am the only person who'll ever read this).

September again, that means that it's a close friend of mines birthday soon. Too bad that I can never actuallly remember the exact date. I suppose he's used to it by now anyway. It's funny how far we have moved over the past years since high school, I don't think either of us are where we envisioned we would be. But even though we have gone on in quite different paths in life we don't seem to have grown appart, I still regard him one of the few people in this world who I both trust implictly as well as respect fully.

All the things I should have gotten done over the summer vacation, should have taught my fiancee how to use the math modules of latex so she could write up her math assignments in it. I suppose she can just wing it after my old latex documents (did I ever save any of those?).

13 November 2008

Soon it will be time for me to pick the exact topic of my big "end of uni" project. For quite a few years I've known that it would be something along the lines of cryptology since it merges my interests in computer science, math and general security rather well. I suppose that the winning strategy won't continue to be prograstination, so I guess I'll have to start getting the formalities overwith (not to mention picking an exact topic!).

Would have had the WoW expansion to relax with this weeekend, however it seems that the internet store I've been using for several years have gone strange. By strange I mean the following: Not answering their service mail, not registering the recent new order (non-WoW related) I placed and not sending a "package is sent" mail yesterday (something they have otherwise always done). I suppose I could go and see if I can find 2 copies in the stores around my town. In fact I may just do this if my master.... I mean fiancee agrees that it is a good idea :). Otherwise it is really not a major deal, can get some work done and we could always watch some movies from our evergrowing dvd-collection.

Coded a bit in the train today, updated my workplanner program. Still using this server to backup my work on, the person I made it for has still not looked at it (she probabilly never will, doesn't matter that I spent a rather long time writing it for her). As a consequence I will deviate from the implementation I was originally asked to create (it was way to specific for her case anyway). The direction I hope to take it (I don't have that much time in between uni projects) will be one closer to its name. Would be nice if you could use it as a calender keeping track of what you need to do and when, this would also make it easier to plan your time if you have a "work x hours a week" with a flexible scheduale. This is opposed to it's current form where it just allows you to get a "nice" pdf containing information on how long you worked each day of a given month. Of course an overhaul like this is _very_ extensive, as with all my projects I don't expect it to get finnished. However it allows me to keep my standard java programming skills up to date, a nice sideeffect is that it is something to do on the train when I'm fed up with uni projects (or cannot do them since I won't send login information over an unsecure wireless network).

25 February 2009

Took a look at the WorkHours folder and came up with a few ideas which would make it more interesting. Then I took a look though my website randoms and to my suprise noticed that I had the very same idea many months ago. Suppose I'm going insane. Also I seem to remember that I never actually uploaded either my randoms or the updated program to the website, should try and remember doing that later today.

The end of uni is starting to look very real, very very soon it's masters thesis time. This both scares the living daylight out of me, as well as thrills me. However I've heard that is quite standard so apparently everything is going as "planned". Of course entering the job market with no previous job experience (other then unpayed work) during a crisis will be problematic.